Life Skills & Money Resources ​

Life Skills & Money Resources

Money Helper

Part of a government-backed service, this is a free tool for guidance on financial struggles and benefits, both online and via phone calls.

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Penny Plan

Part of the government-backed scheme to help with debt, the Penny Plan offers free enquiries to help get your mental health and finances back on track.

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“Multiply” Maths Courses

Having numeracy skills is critical for most jobs, but it also helps with your own budgeting and money management. Visit the Government website for more information.

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StepChange is a charity that offers free advice on dealing with debt and budgeting.

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The Children’s Society

Children’s charity that provides support and guidance to young people to inspire hope and happiness.

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Money & Mental Health Policy Institute

Founded by Martin Lewis, this is a charity that helps address mental distress in several ways. You can also look into travel schemes to help you spend less on public transport when travelling for mental health treatment.

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