Women's Health

The importance of preventive care

Women’s health is essential because of unique aspects such as reproductive wellbeing and common illnesses, such as breast cancer. Prevention measures and routine examinations are necessary for maintaining good health and lifelong mental health support.

Supporting women's wellbeing through holistic healthcare

The Holistic healthcare approach means looking after all aspects of women’s wellbeing: from regular check-ups and preventive screenings to support for reproductive health and mental well-being. This approach is about ensuring women feel supported and empowered in every stage of their lives, promoting a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Below are some of the common health conditions among women:

Mental Health Disparities Among Women Across Ages

Women’s mental health issues fluctuate greatly depending on their age group; over one-third of women between the ages of 18 and 24 report having poor mental health, while elderly women over the age of 55 report far lower rates.