What does CIAG stand for?

CIAG is an overarching term for career, information, advice, and guidance provided by our professional advisers on matters related to housing and welfare, as well as helping people complete application forms.

How can we help you with CIAG?

If you’re struggling with welfare, housing, application services, or finding the right support, we’re here to help. We offer personal advice, support, and guidance to make these challenges easier for you.

Welfare support

You can get guidance about welfare covering key aspects such as Universal Credit, unemployment benefits, and other available support.

Housing support

You can get assistance for your housing needs , such as guidance on various housing options, including rental, mortgage advice, and accommodation support.

Signposting service

If you’re not sure where to go for your needs, we will refer you to the right people or organisation.

Application Service

We help with the accurate and timely completion of application forms, which speeds up the procedure and guarantees that your applications are filed on time.