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Spreading the holiday spirit at ShenleyFields!

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Honoured to be invited to Mackenzie Court

Thank you for having us, grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a Caring Community.

Christmas at ACORNS

Festive cheers at ACORNS!


Transform Career UK is a vast growing organisation with an excellent work force and management team whom have great business connects. We are a company that services the needs of the local communities as well as neighbouring regions.

Our passion lies in the heart of the people we serve to improve and impact the quality of living with our great funded support programmes. We believe that we are can make a difference to individuals through intervention with support level being no objective.

We aim to encourage, support and mentor as many individuals as possible to get people to a place where they can “achieve their dream career”. Our HUB provides end to end provision with the greatest lengths undergone for a satisfactory result. No dream is too big or too small.

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